Artist Bio

Christopher Taylor was born is San Diego, CA and spent most of his early years living on a sailboat in the South Pacific Islands.  When he was 9 years old, he returned to the States where in lived in San Diego, CA for three years.  At 12 years old, he and his family moved to Hawaii where he lived until 1977 when he received a BFA from the University of Hawaii.  After graduating, Christopher and his family traveled through a large part of Western Europe on bicycle for 14 months. During this time, he was able to study the old European Masters while visiting the museums along the way.  This influenced his art greatly because he was able to stop whenever he wanted and draw his surroundings.  In 1986 Christopher graduated from the University of New Mexico, ABQ with a master’s degree in Printmaking.  In 1997 Christopher graduated from Loyola Marymount University in CA with a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling with a focus on Art Therapy.  His interest during this time focused on art by pre-verbal children.

Christopher has been taking printmaking classes at UNM Taos since 2010.  He is also a Visiting Artist with Taos Municipal Schools and Taos Charter School and together with his wife, Debi Taylor, has been making large scale tile mosaic murals with elementary and middle school students since 2010.   They are currently working on their 9th mural and have worked with approximately 2000 students in Taos County

Debi was a mortgage banker in Newport Beach, CA in 1984 when Christopher asked her to marry him and became an artist.  In 1999 Christopher returned to New Mexico with his wife and three young children and set up a small farm in San Cristobal, north of Taos.  Debi became so enchanted by her Northern New Mexico surroundings that her path in the Banking business quickly changed to creative and artistic exploration.  They currently breed American Akitas under the name Christopher and Debi work as Mayordomos for San Cristobal Valley distributing irrigation water to the residences of the valley for agricultural purposes.

Mural at Ranchos Elementary School
Fully constructed by 2015.